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Free 7-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge

 Reclaim Your Business-Building Mojo

7 minutes a day for 7 days is all it takes. Step into a whole new way of creating breakthrough results in your business.

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It’s Time To Create A Business Breakthrough! 

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Welcome Friend! 

I’m Jane and I’ll be leading you in this free 7-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge where I will distill what I’ve learned over the past 32 years of building businesses into seven simple, yet sacred, principles for having the business you’ve always dreamed of having.

Seriously, I have seen it all… the change of our culture, the advent of technology, the arrival of the internet and the leveling of the entrepreneurial playground where anyone can take the leap and start a business.

So why is it that with all the advances in technology and information available, most entrepreneurs continue to struggle and never really experience the success they desire?

Because most entrepreneurs were never taught to master the 7 Principles of Breakthrough Business Success. That’s what I’ll be teaching in this Free 7-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge and I am inviting you along for the ride! 

"Working with Jane has helped me to shift my mindset and play a bigger game! During our time together, Jane gave me the tools and structure, I desperately needed, to grow my company, beyond what I thought was even possible. I am now able to organize and prioritize, based on an actual plan, and stop focusing on just the next shiny object. Jane helped me to see that I needed a high functioning team, not just a bunch of people doing work for me. I highly recommend Jane to anyone looking to take their business to a higher level!”  

Renee Thompson, CEO & Founder of RT Connections  

You are hereby challenged to create a business breakthrough! All you need is 7 Minutes A Day For 7 Days to… 

Discover Daily Tools 

Receive a simple daily action you can take to kick-ass and create breakthrough results.  

See What's Holding You Back 

Uncover the “inner game” blind spots that could be blocking you from being wildly successful.

Reclaim Your Money-Making Mojo

Move from feeling angst around money and sales to feeling confident and courageous, able to tackle those sales conversations with ease.

Feel Inspired & Supported  

Beat those mindset traps that keep you stuck in comparison when you tap into what makes you special. Gain inspiration and feel supported to show up as your best self. 

Expand Your Possibilities 

Learn the 7 Sacred Principles that unleash a whole new perspective on your business and counteract any confusion or stress that comes up when things don’t go as planned.

Be More Courageous

Gain strategies for navigating the self-doubt and overwhelm that is a natural part of growing a business and move through your days with greater ease. 

Nothing Compares

“Working with Jane Deuber has been so important to me and really a blessing. I have tried other workshops and nothing compared to what Jane has to offer. She is so supportive and she has an amazing process that’s proven to be successful. I am so happy I found her!” 

Carol Henry  

Following My Dreams

Jane is my idol! She has helped me grow and expand my online business to the point where I could comfortably and confidently walk away from what many believed should have been my perfect dream job... but instead I'm now following MY dreams! Add to that the purchase of land on my dream island, and I'm currently in the process of having my new home built. I couldn't have done this without her!!  

Erica Boling

Jane is a Hidden Jewel

"Jane is a hidden jewel; she is by far the best as it relates to content management and pulling out your genius to help you to create the content to catapult you into the world to share your genius. If you have been contemplating if you should work with Jane and her team, think no more, she is your person!"

Dr. Christi Monk